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How to protect your clothes against pet hair

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Anyone who has a pet will know that hair gets everywhere, on the sofa, in your car and on your clothes. Grooming your pet can become a real chore if you are not wearing the correct protective clothing. Hair can remain on your clothing for months, even years and can spoil the best of jumpers.

Here at Clipit Grooming we only use the very best quality material and all our hair resistant garments are made from 100% polyester.

What is Polyester? Polyester is a man made fabric, and can come in many different varieties. Polyester was first invented in 1941 by British chemists John Rex Winfield and James Tennant Dickson. Thanks to their invention polyester is now used in a wide range of products to include furniture, clothing and textiles.

What makes Clipit Grooming Clothing special?

The polyester variant material we use in our garments have a slippery feel and almost silky to touch. All our garments in our range are super lightweight and offer great protection against errant hairs, that can otherwise penetrate clothing and make wearing very uncomfortable.

How to care for your hair resistant clothing

  1. Follow the info and care instructions The best way to wash any grooming workwear is to place it into the washing machine every day after use, with little other maintenance except for drying. However if you are in a rush you could be tempted to dry your garment in a tumble dryer. No mater what, you should always read the care instructions and never place your hair resistant garment into a tumble dryer.

  2. Wash regular and check for stains and rips Grooming and clipping plays a huge part towards your garment deterioration over a period of time. Coarse hair can get ingrained into the zip and seams, stains look unsightly and a torn pocket is not a good look. Choose a grooming garment that is durable and made from high quality material.

  3. Only wear your uniform for grooming Ensure your grooming workwear is only worn at work. Anyone who works with animals will tell you there's nothing worse than the smell of dirty animal hair. Look for grooming workwear that can be easily taken off and stored until you get home for washing. Wearing a non hair resistant uniform outside of work will be itchy and uncomfortable. Animal hair is a hazard and needs to be controlled accordingly.

  4. Have spare workwear (or two) Washing and wearing the same workwear for 5 days will take its toll on the garment. If you can afford it, you should invest in more hair resistant garments to give you a breather when it comes to maintenance and to ensure each tunic is not subjected to the rigours of the washing machine each day. Also having a spare will stop the temptation of you throwing the garment into the tumble dryer.

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