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What scissors you need to be a dog grooming student

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

As a dog grooming student you can easily become overwhelmed with the choice and styles that are available in the market place. In this handy guide we offer advice on what to look for when it comes to your dog grooming scissor starter kit.

Buying good quality scissors from the outset is a wise choice. Buying cheap scissors that are not fit for purchase will cost you in the long run. The most important thing that you should look for in a scissor after you have established what quality of scissor you want to purchase, is how it FEELS, not just in your hand, but how it feels to your whole body. The wrong scissor can contribute to CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME, TENDONITIS, BURSITIS, ROTATOR CUP, and other hand, arm, shoulder, neck and back problems. The right scissor can prevent these problems.

The factors that make a good scissor are:

- WEIGHT - LENGTH - BALANCE - HANDLE CONFIGURATION Some groomers like a heavy scissor, but most prefer a lighter one. Be aware of your preference and make sure that the weight of the scissor is comfortable and that you have a feeling of control all the way to the tip of the blade.

Handle configuration is one of the biggest considerations when choosing a new scissor. Opposing or straight handled scissors put the most strain on the hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, neck and back. Off set and crane handle scissors put less strain on the body and are usually a better choice.

All scissors are made from stainless steel, with the hardest steel coming from Germany and the finest steel from Japan. However, as you are a student you are best starting with a hardened bevelled edge that comes from Germany versus a light convex edge that comes from Japan.

The type of finish and the job in hand will determine which scissors are used. Generally, groomers will use a small bull-nosed scissor for clipping the hair between the feet. The Clipit Progroom 4.5" safety scissor with rounded tips is ideal for trimming around those delicate areas.

Some groomers use the same pair of scissors for everything, even slicing through mats. A good recommendation is to have a nice pair of scissors for finishing and a lesser quality for taking off dirty coats.

When using a scissor, always make sure it has a finger guide and a rubber insert. This helps prevent the scissors from moving or slipping while in use. The Clipit ProGroom 6" Curved scissor is a good recommendation for any student. These scissors help to achieve nice rounded edges, such as a Bichon's head or a continental trim on a Poodle. Turned upside down, they can also help you set angulation.

At most grooming events and shows you can try out several different types and styles, making sure the scissor fits and feels comfortable in your hand, always remembering the scissor is an extension of your arm. Remember, high price does not necessarily always mean a super finish. A good all rounder finishing scissor is the Clipit Progroom 7" straight scissor. It has a fixed finger rest that offers comfort and control and is a great length for scissoring body, legs and heads on various breeds.

One essential scissor that every dog grooming student needs is a thinning scissor. Thinning scissors have a flat blade, one one side and a blade with gaps on the other. They are used primarily on spaniels and thick coats that need thinning out rather then clipping off. The Clipit Progroom 6" Thinning Scissor with 32 teeth, thin and shape a coat on most breeds. Made from tempered stainless steel for optimum durability, these thinners are ideal for the student and professional dog groomer.

Grooming scissors are very personal and can be addictive, ask any Master Groomer to show you their collection! All the scissors that have been spoken about in this article can be bought as a student scissor starter kit from us at a discounted price over buying them separately.

If you would like to read more valuable information on scissors, then click the link to the Essential Guide to Dog Grooming Scissors

To browse our range of professional dog grooming scissors, please click here

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