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5 New Year's Resolutions for Horse Grooms 2021

Its that time of the year when we look back and make New Year Resolutions in hope to improve our lives. Here are some resolutions to consider if you're trying to change things if you are a horse groom.

1. Time is of the essence

Working smarter and not harder!

Grooming, mucking out, clipping, riding all takes time. Create a smart system, learn to move quickly and methodically, not taking short cut's, but working smarter. Getting better organised and having a plan will also contribute to controlling your time.

2. Look after yourself Give yourself more time to breath!

Horses are a lifestyle, but to enjoy that hard lifestyle you need to look after yourself. 83% of professional grooms that took part in the BGA, Grooms Mind survey had suffered from stress related mental health problems. Ensure you take time for yourself instead of the four legged animal that you are caring for. Make sure you stop during the day to eat lunch, keep your body temperature regulated with good insulated clothing.

3. Wear the correct clothing Your only as good as your tools!

Having the correct tools and equipment around you will benefit in the long run, and that includes wearing the perfect outfit to protect against hair, mud and bedding. Save on washing and looking the part can come from wearing the Clipit Suit. Designed for full body protection against hair, this suit it super lightweight, breathable and splash proof. Having this suit as part of your grooming kit will save you pounds on expensive yard clothing and washing powder.

4. Take a day off Don't feel guilty!

Make sure you take your day off and don't get sucked back into the yard. Whether you are a professional or freelance groom, you can be put under pressure to continue working even on your day off. Don't feel guilty, take your day off and spend it working on yourself; like going for drinks with friends, having your nails done, or just spending it in bed!

5. Get the owners to invest in better gear If your owners can afford to employ you, then they could afford to have good quality rugs and equipment. Investing in technically advanced horse rugs will save you time when exercising and stabling horses. Even popping on a cotton sheet under the horse's rug will save time and effort in keeping the horse cleaner.

These are just a few suggestions listed above as 5 New Year's Resolutions for horse grooms 2021. Follow these and it will make your daily work less stressful and more organised.

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