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Why It's Bad To Have Blunt Dog Grooming Scissors

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

We all live very busy lives, and having your dog grooming scissors sharpened can be low on your list or priorities. Understanding why having your scissors maintained on a regular basis, may help in putting your blunt scissors at top of your priority list.

Why is it bad to cut with blunt dog grooming scissors?

Working a pair of scissors that are both blunt and catching makes for unpleasant scissoring. Not only will it give you a poor finish, but it will also cause fatigue to your hand. So in this article we are here to give you valued advice on why its so bad to have blunt dog grooming scissors and a simple reminder to get your scissors into a professional sharpener who could rectify the problem.

Blunt Scissors can cause hand fatigue

Cutting hair should feel like " a knife going through butter". If you're not getting that feel, then that is the first sign your dog grooming scissors need sharpening. Blunt scissors can contribute to aches and pains, from the wrist, into the elbow and up to the shoulder. Hand fatigue is a gateway to RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so if you continue using your blunt scissors for too long, do yourself a big favour and make sure your scissor stays sharp. For information on how to avoid RSI and Carpal Tunnel when dog grooming click here for more information.

Bluntness can cause further damage to your scissors

Continuing to use your scissors that are blunt can wear down the edge's of the scissor blades and can cause pressure on the scissor adjustment screw. By wearing down the blade edges, this will shorten the lifespan of the scissor. That is why it is best recommended you have your scissors sharpened at least twice a year, if you are scissoring as a professional.

The most common way of damaging your scissors, is by being dropped. Most groomers leave their scissors placed on the grooming table, but it only needs the dog to move and your scissors will land on the deck. Scissors mostly land on the tips of the blades, which not only unbalances them, but you'll find a "nick" on the scissor blades. Do not attempt to use them in fear of further damage, get them in the post to your sharpener, who will rectify the problem.

Why won't my dog grooming scissors stay sharp?

No dog grooming scissor is exempt from getting sharpened. The most expensive, top of the range scissor has a convex edge, where the mid to high range scissor usually has a bevel edge. There are several factors why dog grooming scissors got blunt:

  • Scissoring a dirty, greasy coat,

  • Not cleaning after each use,

  • Infrequent oiling,

  • Sending to an unqualified sharpener.

Good dog grooming scissors come at a price, but it is well worth it when producing a great scissored finish. Always be aware of the sharpening company you are using, and before sending off your scissors, always check to see if they can sharpen either a convex or a bevel edge. These two edges require two different techniques when sharpening, otherwise an uneducated sharpener will put a bevel edge finish on your expensive convex edge. Many expensive scissors have been ruined by well-meaning people trying to sharpen scissors after watching a You Tube channel.

The reality is that sharpening professional dog grooming scissors is much more complicated than sharpening household scissors and knives.

Signs that my dog grooming scissors need sharpening

Sharp scissors are a groomers' best friend. Like any cutting tool, when that piece of equipment goes blunt, we start to put more pressure on the cutting action to encourage it to cut. This can result to further damage of the scissor, especially where the two blades meet in the "V". Thinning scissors are a prime example of this. Many inexperienced groomers apply too much pressure to the thumb ring, and in doing so can cause the blades to catch and cross-over.

Here are a few signs your scissors need sharpening.

  • The hair is folding,

  • They are catching,

  • Feeling crunchy,

  • Improper sharpening, blunt quickly,

  • Your hands hurt.

If you are getting these symptoms, do not attempt to sharpen them at home. There have been many wild suggestions in the past to DIY sharpening on your scissors. Don't!!

Hungry for more?

If you like this article, and want to access more valuable advice about dog grooming scissors, here's The Ultimate Guide to Dog Grooming Scissors or if you want to discover how to avoid RSI and Carpel Tunnel click here

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Why its bad to have blunt dog grooming scissors


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