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Dog Groomers should never wear scrub tops.

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

There's one reason why a dog groomer should never wear a cotton scrub, they attract hair. In fact, hair clings to them and works deep into the fabric.

Polyester/cotton is known for attracting hair. If you are a groomer you know there is nothing worse than getting embedded hairs in your boobs, in the creases of your elbows and other delicate areas. It's no fun, in fact it can lead to serious infection, painful abscesses and severe itching.

Health Hazard with Dog Hair

Wearing a scrub top offers no protection, and when you come to wash your scrub, hair can transfer to other clothing, and soon little hairs will be penetrating your skin the next time you wear it.

Dog groomers who work in a warm environment are always on the lookout for garments with short sleeves. However, that puts them at risk of getting hair into their skin and their undergarments. An alternative solution is to buy a garment that is two sizes bigger to stop it clinging to your skin, to offer better circulation.

An alternative solution buy a garment two sizes bigger.

Our line of Clipit Protective Workwear goes beyond design. Everything is designed for comfort and practicality. We offer our garments in both short and long sleeves, with the Clipit Protective Apron having versatility of removable sleeves. Design and fit is of the the utmost importance. Our Clipit Suit enables groomers who like to sit and groom and rest their elbows on the table and not get hair splinters.

Quality is also an importance, all our garments have reinforced stitching with covered zips. We are happy to offer a bespoke service to include sleeve shortening and embroidery.

Besides providing you a professional looking image, Clipit Grooming Apparel is designed to protect you the wearer. Do you know your health could be at stake while you are grooming?

Could grooming apparel contribute to how long or brief your career as a groomer lasts?

Possibly when it comes to grooming apparel, its importance in protecting you cannot be underestimated.


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