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Clipit - Ideal Veterinary Cover-Up

Here at Clipit we are proud of our reputation for quality and product performance.

But why do we think Clipit hair resistant clothing makes the perfect veterinary cover-up?

Clipit incorporates several key benefits that have been developed through our own research and experience when working with animals.

Quality Veterinary Cover-Ups One of the key reasons Clipit workwear set themselves apart from other brands is because of the quality, purpose and lasting style. As a veterinary worker, the demand to stay hair free over demanding hours of the job means that you can spend more time in your workwear than your own clothes. Therefore your choice of clothing must be comfortable, durable and hair free.

Clipit has several different styles to suit the needs of a vet or veterinary nurse. Made from lightweight breathable material our workwear will control and regulate your body temperature, whether you're in surgery or out in the field.

Good news, all of our Clipit range is animal hair resistant- the hair simply falls away from your workwear leaving you looking smart and professional at all times.

Designed with purpose and a lasting style

Working in the veterinary industry isn't the most glamorous job at times, but wearing a Clipit Suit will provide you a great look even after a long shift. At the end of your day step out of the all-in-one and you will be clean and hair free to enable you to go about your day without having to change.

The designing of the Clipit Suit makes Vets and veterinary nurses jobs easier through the way the suit has been manufactured. The six convenient placed pockets allow you to hold a variety of items. The hi-neck prevents hair from getting into your under garments and the elasticated sleeves can be pushed up if working in a wet environment. But the ultimate benefits are the legs which have zips to enable getting on and off easily without having to remove your footwear.

Quick and easy to maintain

Clipit workwear has been designed for busy vets and veterinary nurses. At the end of your shift, just pop your workwear into the wash on a 30 degree cycle and allow it to air dry for a few hours. There's no need to iron your Clipit workwear or place it into a tumble drier. Made from high quality polyester it means you can wash, wear and go!

This flattering cover-up will provide yo with a professional edge, plus if you want to take it to the next level we can personalise with your name or business logo.

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