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Updated: Oct 19

Do you deal with clients who regularly neglect their dogs and cats coats, feel it's OK not to show it a brush from one month to another? These clients cost you time and energy. So how do you groom a severely matted coat.

If you are a dog groomer who likes to pre-clip before bathing, then the Clipit Clipping Oil will save you time, money and energy. Normally when you pre-clip, not only are you adding stress to the pet but you also stand the chance of blunting your blades quicker, which will cost you more to get resharpened and adding tram lines to the coat.

The Clipit Clipping Oil will save you valuable time drying, bathing and protecting your blades. This clipping oil is a performance product to aid smooth clipping, making your clipper blades super oily, helping to remove thick matted hair quickly before the dog is bathed.

This Clipping Coat Oil will offer-

  • Comfort

  • Speed

  • No skin pulling and tram lines

  • An even finish

Made from mineral oils, you just rub or brush into the coat, give it a minute to work and then watch your clippers take off the matted coat quickly and efficiently. This product helps cut down on the drying time and will also protect your clipper blades from going blunt. After bathing the coat it will look amazing, with only a light run over with the clippers being needed.

Provides the following points for your equipment

  • Hot knife through butter

  • Keep your blades sharp

  • Cool blades as you clip

With the combination of dirt removal and slickening the coat, your clippers will work at maximum capacity. It is safe and can be used for cats.

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