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5 Essential Products For Clipping Your Horse

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

If this is your first season having a go at clipping your horse, or you've been clipping your horse for several seasons, here are 5 essential products that will make clipping a dream!

  1. The Clipit Suit This is the most beneficial piece of kit available in the prevention of horse hair penetrating your clothes. Made from lightweight, breathable, hair proof material, this all-in-one garment feels like a second skin. Just pop it on over your leggings and t-shirt, zip it up, velcro the neck and start clipping. When finished take off the garment and go about your day without the worry of going home to clean-up. Available in four great colours and sizes from XS-3XL.

  2. The Clipit Goggle & Visor New for 2021, this ingenious piece of kit stops hair and dander getting into your eyes and mouth. The goggle and visor is made from a lightweight polycarbonate and is fully adjustable with the wide head band. You can wear this with prescription glasses and won't mist up. The anti scratch visor provides a wide vision of sight that is great for wearing on a windy day.

  3. The Clipit Blade Care Pack A lack of blade maintenance will give your horse a bad experience. Clipper blades that are over tensioned produce heat. Heat = tight blades. To help prevent blades from over heating you need to apply clipper oil every few minutes. There are various clipper oils available in the market, but our Easi Oil Spray is quick and easy to apply. It leaves a thin film of lubrication on the blade to prevent friction. As it is super lightweight and won't penetrate the animals coat, leaving a greasy stripe in the coat. Regular use of Easi Oil will reduce friction and keep blades sharper for longer. The second product that is part of the Blade Care Kit is Ice Care Spray. Many people put their blades away into storage without cleaning them properly. The Ice Care Spray has many great functions when it comes to sterilising, cleaning and cooling clipper blades fast, compared to other brands and products on the market. As it's one of up top ranking products, this handy spray is recommended for every groom.

  4. Clipit Coat Oil Do you find sometimes your horse isn't the cleanest when it comes to clipping, have you just dragged him in from the field and his coat is dense with coat grease? Clipit Coat Oil takes away the frustration of clipping a dirty coat and your blades go blunt. Made with refined mineral oil, just rub or brush it into the coat a minute before clipping. Allow it to penetrate into the coat and then start to clip. This product keeps your clipper blades running smooth, taking off the strain when it hits thick matted hair, leaving no lines behind.

  5. When it comes to storage solutions for your clipper blades, we can provide you with two great options for your small A5 clip on blades to the larger size A22. Having your blades stored in one place stops breakages and prevents condensation, that leads to corrosion. You can also rotate them, making it easier for your organise blades that need sharpening from the blades that are good to go.

If you like this information please share with your friends. Clipping is not great at the best of times, spreading this information will help others enjoy clipping.

Watch this video and see how the Clipit Suit protects against hair.

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