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The Best January Sale 2023 at Clipit Grooming

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

The best January Sale 2023 is in full swing here at Clipit Grooming, providing you with an extra 10% off when you use the Promo Code JAN10. Granted it's not like out Black Friday deal, but we are providing you with a little bit extra on top of How to Save Money when Shopping At Clipit Grooming.

Get an extra 10% off with Promo Code JAN10
The Best January Sale 2023 at Clipit Grooming

January is the time to reflect on the busy grooming time you had leading up to Christmas. Check to see if your clippers and blades need replacing, or your clipper blades need some love and attention with cleaning. The best product to use to get rid of the blade build-up from hair, dander and coat mass, is Blade Wash.

If you are ready to up grade your clipper, then there is no better time to buy the Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper. The reviews are amazing for this game-changing lightweight clipper. You may say it looks like a trimmer, but we can tell you it punches its weight way above some of the bigger names. While stocks last, we are also giving away a pair of Progroom 6" Single Edged Thinning Scissors, that are worth £42.50 with every purchase of the Quattro.

Best January Sale 2023 at a glance

  1. Buy Clipit Quattro Clipper and Get a pair of 6" Single Edged Thinners for FREE

  2. Further reductions if you are a Student, enrol first to get the added discount.

  3. Clipit Handy Towel was £13.60, Now £12.24

When did the Best January Sale 2023 start?

At Clipit Grooming, unlike a lot of our competitors we decided to start our January Sale not on the first day of January, but between Christmas and New Year. As a company our core value is to give you the customer value for money at the most busiest of times.Which means you can buy some new grooming apparel to start the new year afresh with some innovative hair resistant clothing, that never goes out of fashion, like the Clipit Suit.

How to shop the Clipit January Sale sustainably

At Clipit we are always looking at alternative, sustainable products in an effort to protect the environment. But we are also aware that we're amidst a cost-of-living crisis, and the sales can be the best way to pick up some Biothane products, that look like leather, feel like leather, but are eco-friendly vegan alternatives.

What is Biothane?

We are forever adding to our range of Biothane products, but you can currently check out:

Clipit Eco Spur Straps was £14.50, Now £13.05

Sales don't always need to be a breeding ground for unsustainable products, our tip is to buy wisely, invest in good quality products that will stand the test of time.

What are the Best Things to Buy In The January Sale 2023, and who for.

Dog Groomers

Best Things to Buy in the Clipit January Sale 2023
Clipit Vented Jacket

The Clipit Dog Grooming Clothing Section is a treasure trove of all amazing hair resistant clothing for anyone that comes into contact with dog hair, horse hair and human hair. If you're looking to revamp your grooming wardrobe for 2023, you have come to the right place. All our garments are made with 100% durable, excellent quality polyester material. Our size ranges from XS up to 4XL, depending on the garment.

Currently there is a discount on the Clipit Vented Jacket. This unisex hair resistant garment never looked so cool with it's intelligent vented back. Normally it retails for £29.95 but in the Clipit January Sale 2023 you can get ahead of the game for £26.99. Plus it's available up to size 4XL.

If you're looking for arm protection when clipping to stop the errant hairs getting into your elbow crease, then the Clipit Full Sleeved Jacket could be what you're looking for. Right now you can shop this garment for £28.35. This offer is only available on the Purple with pink piping version and comes in sizes from XS-3XL.

Available in the Best January Sale 2023 from Clipit Grooming
Clipit Full Sleeved Jacket

Through the Best January Sale 2023, we are always adding new items to the selection. We have just recently added the Clipit Hi-Shine Leggings. The discounts in our Dog Grooming Clothing Section continue to grow, but these extremely comfortable hair resistant leggings are perfect for wearing in salon all day. Featuring leg pockets, these stylish leggings are super stretchy and feel like a second skin. Was £27.50 Now £24.50.

Pet Owners

The home of Clipit Grooming continues to grow with great products for anyone who is a pet owner. So it's no surprise in the Best January Sale 2023 in our sale section we have some product lines that will cater for travelling your pet.

January 2023 is turning out to be a very wet, mild month, which can only mean muddy paws. Right now you can save on the Pet Vehicle Boot Liner, from £19.95 down to £16.95. Easy to fit, this convenient protective liner saves unwanted mess, which is an essential accessory for when you want to go out with your dog.

  1. Pet Cooling Mat - Large was £29.95 Now £23.96

  2. Pet Cooling Mat - Small was £19.95, Now £16.99

  3. Coat Rake was £14.95, Now £13.46

Hungry for More?

Head over to the Clipit Sale page and pick up yourself a bargain, and don't forget to use the JAN10 promo code to get an extra 10%

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