What makes a good scissor sharpener?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As a professional dog groomer, your scissors are like a knife to a chef, a paintbrush to an artist and a wrench to a car mechanic. They are the tools of your trade and should be looked after and cared for. Make sure you use a reputable scissor sharpening service.

All scissors should be regularly maintained if you have experienced the following - The scissor pushes the hair - The scissor pulls the hair - The scissor is dropped - The scissor stop is missing - The scissor catches at the tip - The tension nut or screw won’t stay tight

As with every good quality scissor you will need a good reputable skilled sharpening company to keep your scissors sharp and maintained. Sending your scissors to an inexperienced company can result in them being ruined. That is why you should only be sending your scissors for sharpening to Clipit Grooming because we have invested in technology equipment to do you a good job.

Dog grooming scissors come in all shapes and sizes with two different edges - Bevel and Convex. Bevel edge scissors are made from hardened steel and has a squared off bevel blade that tend to have micro serrations, to help hold the coat, ideal for dog grooming students. Whereby the convex edge is more smoother, like the shell of a clam, curved into a convex shape providing a crisp cutting feel for more educated dog groomers.

Every Clipit scissor service consists of the following:

- Strip down inspection and clean

- Re-sharpen and polish - Convexing or micro serrations added as required - Rebuilding with new parts (included in the price) - Balancing and adjusting - Setting and tensioning

Scissors must be cleaned and oiled daily. Even after coats have been dried, hair will still hold moisture, which in turn will work into your scissor and the centre screw that holds the scissor together. When you have finished, spray the scissors with Clipit Ice Care Spray for sanitising and helping to prevent contamination. Wipe dry and then apply Easi Oil Spray into the centre screw. Open and close a few times, wipe off the excess and then store into its holster.

By cleaning and oiling your scissors regularly you will play the part of making sure they last longer. The sharpener only produces the new edge.

Did you know? You should never use clipper oil on your scissors!! Easi Oil spray will encourage your sharpening to last longer, click here to read why.

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