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How To Organise Your Dog Grooming Kit

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

As a groomer, you have to respect your grooming kit to include scissors, clippers and clipper blades, as this collection of tools is essential for day-to-day work. Each item that you have invested in, needs to be cared for, not to mention your career, so organisation is key.

What you put into your grooming kit is down to you. Most grooming kit include clippers, scissors, clipper blades, combs, brushes and other essential items. These tools are universal and will cater for different size and types of breeds, and grooming situations. They all do a different tasks, but one thing they all need is cleaning, and they have to be kept in a immaculate condition. They need to be free of hair, skin dander, dust and other debris; besides you shouldn't use scissors and clipper blades on different clients without sterilising.

You can check out our guide here on how to clean your scissors and clipper blades.

Sometimes we can fall back into bad habits, but a bad habit amongst dog groomers is to just throw your equipment into a draw or left on the side. Yes, we know there are days that you are back-to-back with clients and time is precious. However, if you feel like you are doing this on a regular basis, you need to get more organised!

One recommendation for keeping your clipper blades clean and safe, is to invest in some sturdy clipper boxes. With snap shut lids, these boxes can contain up to 18 A5 style clipper blades, which means you can keep everything clean and safe, and will help your appointments run smoothly.

For scissors, the best way is to keep them safe is in a scissor wallet. Once you have finished using your scissors clean them with Ice Care Spray and then Easi Oil for lubrication. These two handy products can be bought as a Care Pack at a reduced discount of 14%. Using them will allow you to sterilise each of your tools between clients.

These are just a few steps listed above to keep your grooming kit clean and tidy. Follow these and it will make your daily work less stressful and more organised.

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