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What dog grooming scissors a dog grooming student needs.

There are many different types of dog grooming scissors on the market. Some are cheap, some are expensive and some are just right. For example, if you're looking for a dog grooming pair of scissors that will last you a long time and do an excellent job on your dog's coat then you'll want to spend more money. If you're just starting out with your own grooming business or just learning how to groom dogs then you probably don't have a lot of money to spend on dog grooming scissors. In this article We'll try to explain what type of scissors each person needs based on their needs and budget.

If you're interested in learning how to groom dogs professionally then the first thing you should buy is a good pair of dog grooming scissors. A pair of professional grooming shears will last longer than cheap ones and will cut better too (at least they should). Our recommendation would be to buy Clipit Quattro clippers because we make great products at reasonable prices.

For beginners who want to learn how

Learn more about dog grooming scissors
What Dog Grooming Scissors a Grooming Student Needs.

We've put together a list of dog grooming scissors that will provide you with confidence as you learn and grow as a dog grooming student.

The main scissors that you require as a dog grooming student are as follows:

  • 4.5" Bull nosed safety scissor,

  • 6" Curved scissor,

  • 7" Straight scissor,

  • 6" Single edged thinners.

Each dog grooming scissor will tackle a range of different breeds and areas on the dog to provide safety in the areas of the head, thinning bulk, shaping head and legs, and providing you with a great finish on the body.

When you start out to become a dog groomer, one of the most important pieces of equipment you will use is a professional grooming scissor. There are literally hundreds of types of scissors on the market, ranging from the very expensive high standard finishing scissors, which give a truly expert cut, to the more affordable, basic varieties.

But before we get to what each scissor will provide you, let's talk about a bit more about dog grooming scissors.

How to measure a dog grooming scissor.

Measurements of a scissor are taken from the tip of the scissor blade to the end of the finger rest. The finger rest is not included, unless you are in the US and they include it.

How dog grooming scissors are put together.

All grooming scissors are made with STAINLESS STEEL that is manufactured in either Japan, Germany, China, India or Pakistan. The steel made in Japan is regarded as the best scissor steel in the world and is better known as a Convex edge. The edges are very thin and sharp, allowing the groomer to cut effortlessly.

German steel is very hard, usually too hard to sharpen to a razor edge. Known as a bevel edge, these scissors are not angled the same as a Convex and should be sharpened differently. Many come with a blade serration, that helps grip the hair instead of pushing it forwards. The bevel edge is found to be more noisy than Convex but is very durable. Pakistani and Indian steels are the poorest quality and do not sharpen or hold an edge well.

While the two kinds of scissors are very similar with their basic design and purpose, they are not made equally. The careful selection of one over the other may not seem like a difficult decision, but it could significantly affect the quality of your cuts and how long they last. It's important to keep this in mind when you pick out your dog grooming scissors.

The most important thing that you should look for in a scissor after you have established what quality of scissor you want to purchase, is how it FEELS, not just in your hand, but how it feels to your whole body. The wrong scissor can contribute to CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME, TENDONITIS, BURSITIS, ROTATOR CUP, and other hand, arm, shoulder, neck and back problems. The right scissor can prevent these problems.

The factors that make a good scissor are:


When trying a scissor make sure your thumb and finger do not slide through the finger holes. Finger inserts are plastic rings you put inside your scissor finger holes to reduce the size of the finger and thumb holes. Use finger inserts so that your scissors fit your fingers and thumb properly. The holes on a scissor handle should not be sloppy and must not go past your knuckle, especially on your thumb. A poor fit will put more strain on your hand, dull your scissors quickly, as well as giving you a substandard cut.

Here a few pointers for choosing the right scissors for you.

  • Go for scissors that are comfortable to hold and easy to use.

  • Make sure you choose the right size for the job.

  • Curved-edge scissors are better for heads or cutting around feet.

  • Fit the scissor to your hand, not your hand to the scissor.

  • If the thumb hole is too large, add another finger insert.

A good pair of dog grooming scissor blades are an investment and should be handled with care. A dull blade will make it very hard to use and you probably won't enjoy your time at grooming school. It's also important that you have a pair you can depend on when opening up your own grooming shop so that the first impression will be a positive one. Invest in a good dog grooming pair of scissors and in your grooming career. You'll never look back.


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